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Sunday, May 17, 2015
By Janine Marie Campbell
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Our first stop on our 10 country tour and we are greeted by a concoction of colors, sounds, caotic traffic and a wonderful chauffeur named Mario Jose. As you will see and read about, Jose becomes a large part of our stay in Argentina. 


It became very apparent to me that, with my role as filmographer and portraitist on this trip, I would have a unique window to see Jennifer's love of people come alive through the lens. She has an amazing gift of getting people to open up and share things, quite frequently that they have never shared with anyone else before. It is a privilege to be able to see their hearts being shared and captured on film.


The architecture around city center, is beautiful and very sculptural.  So many buildings that seem to have been there for centuries. We witnessed several political parades and demonstrations. One thing that was fascinating to me about the city was we were having cafe con leche at a little bistro and I was fixated on the scene in front of us. Across the street from the capital building, 2 business men wheel and deal at a table where a homeless man was sleeping 2 feet away from them by the curb, with caotic traffic within 2 feet of his legs. All this while the city sounds were easier to focus on than the conversation in front of me. Very different city dynamic than I am accustomed to. Buenos Aires is reminiscent of NYC. 


I could never live in a city this fast paced, but it was a gift to be able to see this special city and especially the home of the current Pope. Stay tuned for Iceland...







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