IcelandAir Experience
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Sunday, May 17, 2015
By Janine Marie Campbell
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Upon our entrance to the Iceland terminal I began to notice all the staff around us just being strikingly beautiful. UK accents began to be more prevalent rather than Spanish.

All aboard the plane and finding our seats, Jennifer amd I sat seperately this time which gave way to each of us having interesting conversation with strangers respectively. Define our trip in one experience? The beauty of friendships beginning on an IcelandAir flight with an American Christian, a French Muslim and an Indian Sikh (resides in NYC) all sitting in the same row and having delightful conversation. 5 hour flight allowed us to share a tray of mini sliders and drinks as we toasted to Breaking Bread, One Table Many Faiths. See you two soon! 

Here are some pics from our flight. More amazing sights out our window :-)

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