RGVAS Recital Portraits
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
By Janine Marie Photography
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This years RGVAS recital portraits were so much fun! We had dancers from all ages come in and enjoy dancing and posing in front of the camera. Our first day we had the younger group come in and have a blast playing dress-up in their costumes. We had their favorite music playing to help them get in to their dancing mood! Later that day we had the HipHop class come in and strike some super cool poses, that blew us away. The next day we started off with the older girls. They came in and got dolled up for their shots. We had so many jumps, and high kicks to get a snapshot of. We ended the day with some fun and colorful costumes that sparkled all over. The RGVAS dancers definitely stole the show this year! (To this day we are still finding glitter everywhere in our studio, so they sure did leave their mark!)

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