USA Departure - Behind the Lens
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015
By Janine Marie Campbell
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My husband Jason and I opted to spend the night at Jennifer's house in Victoria Saturday night in order to not feel rushed to get to Victoria to pick her up AND go to Houston all in one day. It allowed for conversation with he and I and also with Jenny that would not have otherwise occured. The drive to Bush Intercontinental was pleasant and last minute calls to family were made. It hit me on the way to the airport that the man I love and share this world with is NOT coming on this trip. For whatever reason, that emotion didn't hit as strongly in 2013 when headed to India. So I caught myself fighting tears of already missing him. That man is heaven on earth and a true blessing in my life.

I have been overseas before, so I was surprised at how different this trip seemed. When I went to India in 2013 with a Rotary group study exchange, much of the planning and organizing was done for me. Host families, transportation, flight purchasing and even down to the passport and visas instructions were forwarded to me with little effort on my part. So it was interesting when there was a moment on the trip when I thought I would be stuck in Miami. You'll have to get the book and watch the documentary for the full story, fascinating stuff. My favorite part of the entire flight experience was leaving our layover in Peru and flying over the Andes mountains...BREATHTAKING!! Wish I had had my DSLR at that moment but there are some phone pics below.

Arrival in Argentina went smoothly and I love our driver and hotel. VERY different experiences and culture here. I know in 2 days being here that being behind the lens on this journey across the globe will be one that will change my perspective forever. My little Jenny Lee has an amazing ability to reach inside people's hearts and pull emotion out of everyone she interviews. It's a gift she has and it's a gift to watch.

Be sure to visit her official weekly column on this trip at on Saturdays. Thanks for sharing our journey with us. Hugs from Argentina<3

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